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You really believe trump is an outsider? lmfaoooooo

you think he became a billionaire by being honest ? lmfao
I hate to tell you this, but trump is part of the swamp also, hes just on a different side of it. Just look at all the crooked billionaires hes brought into his administration. Its down right comical, but truth is am not gonna convince you otherwise. Your mind is made up that trump is the man, thats okay. We live in a free country and people can make up their own minds. Personally i just dont get it, cause all i see is a nasty, vile, circus con artist in office right now.
I truly hope that one of these days a real leader republican or democrat rises to lead our country. I probably dont have enough years left to see that day, loll. Would also like to see the day when we all meet in the middle and agree. Cause am so sick of the far left and far right agendas. Neither of those sides represent our country well

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