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    Nebraska/Iowa over 154.5

    Nice call my friend
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    Football is back?

    So am I Friday Southern -7 Saturday Idaho +5.5 North Dakota +7
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    Tuesday Night Hoops

    Two out of three ain’t bad. Thanks for posting
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    double shot of whisky get the day started

    Sounds like a great plan to start every day off as a winner
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    personal play on

    Best of luck, following
  6. 70Olds

    personal play on

    Appreciate the winner!
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    ULMonroe +9.5

    nice call
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    personal play on

    Valpo sucked in the second half. Played right into Bradley's half court D rather than try and fast break. Killed us.
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    personal play on

    Neftali Alvarez sucks, missing free throws cost us
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    personal play on

    at least there is no reason to watch it.
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    Big dog I like

    Tennessee Martin +12.5, single digit game I think
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    Personal play on

    Thank you for yet another winner!
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    The 151 Special

    for giggles I tied up Carolina, Vegas and dimes two plays for $120 pays $950
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    personal play on

    MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    personal play on

    Nice to have you back, never in doubt

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