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    Is nobody playing tonight's game?

    In a post titled Do we need to file a missing persons report on Dime that he was likely to play the Cards and buy the line up to 4. I surmised it was a smaller play than the SF bet.
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    Ca$h 49ers Outright 4x

    sure, I remember your posts under that other name....solid picks
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    National Championship

    I'm with you. I took it about 10 days ago, when it opened with my book, at 3 and bought half a point. I've watched Stetson Bennett for at least two years. He can be great, but he can not show up. I feel bad for him in that regard but he's a go against tonite for me. Saban and his coaches...
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    Sunday NFL

    I am concerned the weather, with wind at 25 MPH, is going to make scoring and covering tough. I am considering betting the under
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    Sunday NFL

    and it's important to protect your mental capital as well as your bankroll.
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    Personal play on

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    NFL: AFC GOY Colts-2 1/2 gl

    Going against you there Bud!
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    Personal play on

    another winner….thx.
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    Personal play on

    great call….
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    Personal play on

    Thank you DD
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    King James Week #10 NCAAF

    thx for posting. you'll get hot again
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    10/22 NHL Plays

    Nice…thx buddy. Long time since we’ve made contact.
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    What does everyone use

    I like to look at trends and things on
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    10/15 CFB 96-105 ytd

    Love that Syracuse pick. They have been tough.
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    Bad spot for Texas Tech

    Thx for the heads up. Looks good

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