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    Personal play for Sat

    Thx DD love the early play
  2. coreyboy

    NBA side I like

    Can’t believe they miss a layup
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    Offshore Sportsbooks

    If your not putting a lot into offshore accounts get multiple outs I have bovada bookmaker dime dog gave last year betanysport pretty good if you want anymore post it
  4. coreyboy

    Personal play on

    The legend of all time
  5. coreyboy

    Personal play

    Belmont -3
  6. coreyboy

    Personal play on

    Thx DD got up early to c if u released a game
  7. coreyboy

    Personal play on

    Thx DD
  8. coreyboy

    Late move on Detroit

    Detroit just got hammered
  9. coreyboy

    Early total play

    Thx Trigg happy thanksgiving
  10. coreyboy

    Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot

    Thx bossman happy thanksgiving
  11. coreyboy

    Personal play on

    Thx DD happy thanksgiving
  12. coreyboy

    NBA play Im on

    Thx trigg
  13. coreyboy

    Monday college hoops

    I was waiting for a turtle play heard u were good in baskets
  14. coreyboy

    Thanks to all for posting plays. Especially Dime and Hair!!!

    I agree that’s and also to bossman
  15. coreyboy

    Sunday NFL

    Thx bossman

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