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    CFB BIG Play: OK ST -6 1/2 10X normal wager gl

    Looks like defense for Kent state got in at 6am. Team looks like shit. Hate it for both of us. I have Oklahoma State too- so big hole early.
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    This Seattle team is hard to predict.
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    NBA total I’m on

    Great call!
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    NHL 12/2

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    Total for tonight

    Referee Brad Rogers is 44/22 over the total and 12-2 over in domes. I like the under myself with two pretty good defenses.
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    NHL: DUCKS+136 GL

    Good call on your part! 😞
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    Got any black pearl plays?
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    NHL: DUCKS+136 GL

    Ugh- this hurts- I’m already all over Vegas - thought they were a mismatch for the Ducks.
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    NCAAB Play

    My problem with NC is that haven’t beaten anyone and their two losses were by 9 or more but they were to elite 8 type teams.
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    Caps/Panthers over 6

    Thanks for posting
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    Hoops 11/30

    Line is fishy
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    NHL 11/29

    Wow- never a sweat- love it. Thanks
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    Monday Night Football

    I’m on Seattle - Washington covered last week- Seattle did not.
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    Dime - do you know anyone worth a damn playing SNF big?

    Ravens covered last week and Cleveland didn’t. Cleveland would be a strong trend play based on using that philosophy that’s hit nearly 70% for the season.
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    Dime - do you know anyone worth a damn playing SNF big?

    So the over? 🤷‍♂️

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