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    10/22/07 Nfl

    Whew, lucked out on that one for once! Thought I was going to lose both side & total on last play of game AGAIN:) Good to know the gambling gods are willing to give one to us players once in a while:rolleyes:
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    10/22/07 Nfl

    2nd half bets Indy (PK) & JAX only (under 10 1/2) for 2 units each
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    my nba plays for Sunday

    CHI-LA (under 96 1/2) first half San Antonio team total (over 94 1/2) 1 unit each yesterday went 2-2-1, but with any luck would have gone 4-1 :mad: Denver (-9) L by 1 point LA (U103) push because of overtime Golden State (-6) W MIA-ATL 2H under L because of overtime BOS-NY 2H over W
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    NBA Prop....

    2nd half bet: DEN-LA (over 103) for 1 unit over 200 for the game:)
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    NYG 2* - Luckystar

    2nd half play: NYG (+3) for 2 units couldn't get in on offshorebettor1:mad:
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    NFL 2H Plays

    followed you on NYG & NE-MIA (over) also played Buff-CHI (under 16), Tenn-IND (under 24) & Indy (-173) ML:D
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    Can't believe what I just saw. Colts -10, -180, Tits +160??? 2nd H.

    good value... as before kick-off, I think it was -2000 for Indy on the ML, so -180 is excellent value IF they can pull off the comeback:(
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    Service Plays for Sunday

    JB sports 2* IND-NJ (over 174 1/2) W 2* MEM-DAL (over 174 1/2) line now at 177:mad:
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    Service Plays for Sunday

    Signature Sports 4* PHOENIX (-7) that's a big play for them!:D
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    cannot get in at OSB1

    played SA-IND (over 174 1/2) for 2 units:eek:
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    2nd half bet: SEA-PITT (over 22 1/2) for 2 units

    cannot get in to offshorebettor1:mad:
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    JB Has 3* on Toronto.....

    thanks a lot, TREK! I can always count on you:p
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    Did you happen to see JB Sports 3* pick for today in the NBA? He is HOT right now! Thanks in advance.:)
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    2/4/06 CBB Plays

    2nd half bet on Texas (-5) for 1 unit already got Marquette for the game, but good luck to you in 2nd half!:D
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    6 plays tonight in the nba

    Iverson may not play tonight! decrease my PHIL-CLEV play to a 1* instead.:eek: increase LA-NO (over 189 1/2) to a 2* increase PHOENIX (-9) to a 2* still shooting 8 units tonight!:)

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