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    beefree why does everyone give you so much grief ? you>>>

    seem like such a great guy and you are definately a great capper. i like you and respect you. thats all bud gl tonight :)
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    flapjacks play for today is zona and over waiting to see if public pushes it to 14

    2 winners 6-2 ytd i think since joining could be 5-2 :D
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    Mnf 10/16

    agree benj glty ;)
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    21 pt 2-team teaser for 140K

    what are you guys talking about?????:confused:
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    0-1 yesterday 2-1 ytd flapjacks pick today dallas cowboys

    having fun yet
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    cxbbum question>

    what does cxb stand for? just curious where people get their names. i am a short order breakfast cook ie: flapjack thanks and glty
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    flapjacks play for today is over the total on the cal-wash state game.

    2-0 since joining hoping it continues
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    another easy winner with the over last night. 2-0 first 2 posts here yippee

    easy as flipping a pancake
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    Friday Night Game.......

    nice call bum bang bang easy 1st half now the over
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    tonights cfb over pitt-ucf lotsa points

    how we doing on the over? last night clemson tonight over bros i like my chances
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    tonights cfb over pitt-ucf lotsa points

    call me crazy but i think lotsa points by both teams
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    congrats to lockness monster and other bc backers nice call

    that one was as easy as clemson
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    cfb tonight clemson they run it up something ugly

    winner winner flapjack dinner :D

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