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    $100 Just Bet Thursday Contest

    Auburn and AF -69 good luck to me
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    $100 Monday Night NFL Contest

    Bmore & 36 Reno Let Us Know Who Wins These Contest
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    Friday Night CFB contest

    Bs & 59 glllllll
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    Thursday College Football Contest

    posting late if no play no big deal 9 min left in first BC and21 Gglllllllll
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    Mnf Contest 10/15

    falcons 36 gl atl and 36
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    Thinking LSU but its gotta be 80%+ on LSU

    local hasnt had one ND but its early
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    cfb late bowls

    What the hell are u talking about IDIOT - you football ass I didnt bash and to say some other offshore is now 3 1/2 -wtf does that mean ??? Did he bet 10 units at both places- its when and where you bet it he said it was 3 1/2 -120 and then later said its now 3 1/2 at bet cris -- so which one...
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    cfb late bowls

    Did you buy for 3 1/2 at bet us -have an account there too moneyline
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    I SUCK this hurts

    total bs in SF
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    GOY for week13

    Correction week 14 -- lets get it
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    GOY for week13

    Played this week winnings so far on a 2 team teaser SF+2 over 36 1/2 GB is finished (thats a understatement)
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    GOY for week13

    SAN FRANCISCO 49ers -5 my biggest play so far this year wish me luck
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    teaser plays won last 5(teasers)

    2 team 7 pts Wash +7 1/2 and pack +8 1/2 NO pick St louis - 1/2 Bears - 1 1/2 and KC +2 GOOOOD LUCKK
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    2 teamer GT and under gl-----+5 and 48

    Playing NEbraska +4 and under --Neb looks great best of luck
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    2 teamer GT and under gl-----+5 and 48

    Biggest play coming tonight

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