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    Easy NFL Winners 11/11/2007

    All 5* ($5000). Chiefs -3 Dolphins ML (+120) Panthers -3.5 Good luck to all. Huge play tonight.
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    This is where Champons are made.

    2-0 2 more easy winners. Colts should have won by 30. Bears were totally outclassed in this one. Good job to Colts backers.
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    This is where Champons are made.

    I hate to be on the same side as Brandon Lang. But there is no question who the better team is in this matchup. Colts -6.5 Colts/Bears under 47.5 Colts roll in this one 31-10
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    Say It Isn't So

    Brandon Lang on the COLTS. That freaking guy is the plague.
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    Friday Play

    Detroit -4.5
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    Thursday NBA

    Celtics disgusted me last night. Up by 15 at halftime and lose??? Only in the NBA!!!! Clippers -6
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    Wed. play

    Celtics -4.5
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    Mon. Play

    Adding Kings -5
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    Monday Plays

    No thank you Nice to come home and see a nice addition to my account. Thanks again.
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    Monday Plays

    Followed You On all of them. You seem to know your soccer. Good luck to you.
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    Mon. Play

    Cleveland -5. Cavs back home after a long road trip. A little home cooking does the Cavs good. They roll over an Orlando team that is coming back down to earth after a great start. Good luck to all.
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    Lmao Reverse Jinx Always Works!!!!!!

    8-0 last 8 NFL posted right here on OSB2. Like I said. WHY would you bet on the PATS???????? Good luck to all.
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    Congrats Pats Backers

    Well at least the ones who werent whining and crying the whole game. If you gotta sit and whine and cry over every call , you need to quit spending your rent money on betting. Its like listening to a bunch of 12 year olds crying about whos dad is stronger. You clowns know who you are.
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    Funny Stuff

    Everyone over at OSB1 crying and saying how lucky the Colts are and getting all the calls. First of all PATS are lucky to even be in this game. The only prayers I have seen answered all game was the fumble by Maroney that was corraled by 9 Colts and somehow squirted free for a PATS TD. That...
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    Lots of people on the PATS. My question is why? COLTS ROMP!!!!!!

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