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    Tuesday’s NHL

    A very solid play tonight Nashville +118 Lots of sheckles on this one. Looking to double down on tomorrow’s North matchup for a hefty 2 day payout
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    Sunday NBA

    Pistons -1 I have them winning by 12-15 points
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    20* Zona/Avs OVER 5.5 10* Arizona +166
  4. Marty


    30* Antelopes -5.5 Just a beautiful spot for the Antelopes here Well rested after an embarrassing loss they take it out on the RedHawks in the worst way possible
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    two plays

    Thanks for the plays skeeter gl
  6. Marty

    Two plays

    GL skeeter
  7. Marty

    One play

    I believe the line you posted is incorrect
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    Sunday February 21st

    Complete Menu for today is now posted Get it now martymcclain@yahoo.com Good Luck
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    Saturday NHL

    Tonight Play on Edmonton-1.5 +190
  10. Marty

    Saturday NHL

    Ice could not stay frozen
  11. Marty

    Saturday NHL

    Looks like Av’s/Knights will have an 8 hour intermission All bets remain valid upon resumption of the game Good Luck
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    Saturday February 20th

    Menu for today: 30* NHL GOY (money back guarantee) 20* NHL uncontested must play (early puck drop) 10* NHL solid late play Don’t let this day pass you by martymcclain@yahoo.com
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    Friday Night

    Today it is canceled
  14. Marty

    Friday Night

    It’s all good cowboy site I use was not updated No harm done Thank god!!!! Gl sir
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    Friday Night

    Of all the games, not this one please!!! Has the Carolina/ Chicago game tonight been canceled to covid? Can’t seem to get confirmation

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