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    Ohio state kicker out due to covid

    they released the list, more players than i expected, they have a freshman K playing, doubt they go for FGs
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    National Championship

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    Your opinion please

    I'd take the +8 for the big middle
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    website to watch NFL?

    Thank you
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    website to watch NFL?

    anyone have a streaming website to watch for free? TIA
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    I never play teasers. But. . .

    or play NE + points and try to win both? If you played NE ml for $200 and it won you'd win only $20 profit if my math is right
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    When to be buying points

    I buy the half up or down, it pays off tremendously in NFL, no brainer IMO (3.5 to 3, 7.5 to 7, 6.5 to 7, 13.5 to 14, etc....) I don't buy from 3 to 2.5 tho, and juice isn't bad at all, has saved me losing quite a bit and I'll take a tie over a loss any day
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    11/17 CFB 127-117 ytd

    I think you are actually 137-127 from your previous posts, just letting you know GL tonight
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    hmmm, ok
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    I've never had a problem with them, like everything about them, easy cash outs, site never bogged down before kick offs, what sort of trouble have you had with them?
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    bovada, gives you a 50% bonus too
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    10/19 NFL 67-72 Ytd

    you played 40 bets yesterday?
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    10/8 CFB 48-27 ytd

    good luck Ject5, on same side
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    10/3 NFL 29-31 ytd

    Good luck today check out your yesterdays college post, I posted a message in there for you
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    10/3 CFB 37-21 ytd

    I followed your plays yesterday and you won 10 games, you posted 16, you definitely forgot to add 2 wins somewhere Thanks for the winners

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