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    Super Bowl Service plays

    ATS? anyone thnx
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    Delhomme having worst game of his career! 8/24 3int's

    bad time to not show up! I guess this was due to happen
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    Seatle vs. Pitt Superbowl! Line predictions inside...

    Pitt -2.5 total 43.5
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    100* Carolina +.5 Second half.

    Carolina not showing any signs of life on Offense - no scores so far! Special teams td only!
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    100* Carolina +.5 Second half.

    Car down because of turnovers and giving Seatle short fields! I'm with Seatle.. Seatle will run ball after firts two possessions..Carolina has togain fielf position and get a turnover or two - Smith needs help! GL Carolina should cover 2nd half and still possibly game. see 20 points in 2nd...
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    wayne root inside

    Is Northcoast a play or fade? I thought they tanked during the college Bowls? Who is hot?
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    Sunday NFL Service plays

    Who is the best service, YTD in the Playoffs? ATS was hot for college if I remeber correctly but who has done the best so far in the NFL? THNX
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    Emerald Bowl : Georgia Tech -8

    Buff -who do you like tonight? looks like a lot of OSB'ers are on Oklahoma! Been watching line moves all bowl season. Where the line opens and closes is just as important as how the line moved and where the money is when the line is adjusted. I assume vegas is reacting to something...injury...
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    Emerald Bowl : Georgia Tech -8

    Be careful -G.Tech is Bi-polar! Plus, haven't you learned anything so far this bowl season. Public heavy on G.tech, yet line has dropped ...just like clemson, michigan. If you have to take G.Tech you might want to wait until line has finished dropping.

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