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    Personal play on

    OOPS meant tough loss!
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    Personal play on

    Took loss DD! You still the best! Ignore the negative guys whinning!!!
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    Personal play on

    All the negative talk is certainly not needed!!
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    Personal play on

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    Personal play on

    Thanks DD!! Great win!
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    Friday CFB

    that is why they call it gambling!!! Thank you, you are way ahead!!
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    Wednesday Football

    As always many thanks!!!
  8. Steamroller

    Personal play on

    As always many thanks!! Still the most consistent ever!
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    The 151 Underdog Game of the Year

    Great call!! Thanks
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    Personal Bowl play on

    Thanks DD for another gift!!!
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    Personal Play on

    Tough, tough loss but you are still the best! That is why it is called gambling!!
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    Tuesday CBB

    Some things change, some things remain the same!!! Thanks!!
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    Sunday NFL

    Another great day!! Thanks
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    Personal play for Sat

    What a friend to know!! I don't know what everyone was so concerned about!! I doubled up on the second half under total of 36!!!! Thanks again DD!!
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    Monday Night Football

    Good job! As usual!

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