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    Cbb goy: Arkansas-1 gl

    Cha Ching great call
  2. Trubela

    Cbb goy: Arkansas-1 gl

    Followed -2 though good luck
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    Sunday plays

    Followed early game and OT helps. Good call. Nice to be lucky one in a while. Thanks for the pick.
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    some smart guys I know

    Thanks again dog
  5. Trubela

    some smart guys I know

    Down to 132.5
  6. Trubela

    some smart guys I know

    Following at 134
  7. Trubela

    Sat night hoops

    Won by 3 misses 3 throws late in game under a minute. Can’t win em all.
  8. Trubela

    Sat night hoops

    -3.5 live at half all over it
  9. Trubela

    Sat night hoops

    Followed Hawaii thanks Got Oregon to late game started but will take spread at half good luck
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    UConn/Villanova under 136

    Following good luck. Also took tenn/Kent under. Always play a weird game when they play and under often.
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    heading up to DC to bet 20* later tennis match

    Never go against joker in final especially when he is even money. He is a great returner. I’m going opposite but good luck anyway.
  12. Trubela

    Valentines Day Solid Play

    What league is this? Sorry
  13. Trubela

    The 151 Special

    Followed good luck.

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