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    Super Bowl Service plays

    JR Miller Sea +4
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    Super Bowl Service plays

    Fezzik Sea +4' Lefty Rosenthal Steelers and under
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    Super Bowl Thread>>>>>>>>>>>

    Sea and the under
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    NFC Championship game

    I'm taking Car +4 (-120) Seattle had a tough time with Santana Moss's speed last week, and Smith should pose the same problems. Panthers are tough, and they've got a strong defense. Fox is good coach too...
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    NFC Championship game

    The line opened up Sea -6..now down to -3'. Hmmmmm. I'm still torn on who to take. Is all value gone for Panther backers? Maybe it now Seattle or pass on this one.
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    AFC Championship Game

    Pitts +3 (+110) Forget this being their third playoff game in as many weeks. This is a tough, veteren bunch, that knows how to win. They've been there before. They playing great on both sides of the ball. The Steelers play w/an attitude, and will hit you in the mouth. Can Denver be a...
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    NFL Sunday 1/15

    same to you sir!!!
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    NFL Sunday 1/15

    I like both dogs... Pitts +10 I think the Steelers can establish a ground game and keep the Indy offense off the field. I not quite sure the impact of the Dungy situation has had on the team, but I suspect there is some. Things were sailing so smoothly for the Colts and then for such a thing...
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    Pats +3

    Never underestimate the heart of a champion. This team is too well coached not give it their all in this one. Denver is tough and could very easily take it to the Pats. I'll take my chances with a gutsy coach like Bellichik.
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    Skins +10

    Imo, too much public influence into this number. I know Seattle is tough at home, however they carry a big buden of getting this playoof monkey off their back. And that has been very much publicized this week. This should be a close game. The pts are the only way to go for me.
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    Boston +6 over Philly

    Just took +6 @ Grande. These two teams tend to play close games in Philly. I'll take the pts.
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    1/11 nba

    Bucks +7 I like the spot here. Indy back after West Coast trip. That angle has been profitable.
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    Heat +2 (-120)

    unreal...Wade out of the line-up..Miami has no shot..congrats Suns backers
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    Heat +2 (-120)

    Just as I post, Wade rated as expected to play...
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    Heat +2 (-120)

    I know Wade is listed as questionable, but from what I've heard he should play. Hopefully, I've heard the correct info. The Heat should win the battle in the paint w/ Shaq and the have a deeper bench. Heat need to impose their defensive will on the Suns and slow down the tempo.
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    Rose Bowl

    Texas +7 Not taking anything away from SC or their accomplisments over the past three seasons, but I feel this 2005 team is more vulnerable than the previous two championship teams. With that said, they are ripe for the pickings. Texas should be ready. Mack Brown needs to coach this game to...
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    Orange Bowl

    FSU +10 Not too much separates these two teams imo. Penn St a feel good story this season. Its legendary coach,only a few seasons ago was fighting the skeptics that the game has passed him by. Now this remarkable turn around. The public has just eatin this angle up. Joe Pa is back. The public...
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    im home, 5-0 bowls +51, today we got>>>

    I like WVU too +7...good luck
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    Bama did deserve it, however Shula's coaching almost cost his team this game. Questionable decesions by him...

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