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    New years day plays including Bowl goy (9-1 lifetime)

    Thanks Again for the big winner. gl to ya and once again someone proves why it is getting to be a waste of time to come to these boards mav
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    New years day plays including Bowl goy (9-1 lifetime)

    Been waiting on this GOY good luck today. Hope all is well with you
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    NFL Offshoremonitor Sunday 9/24 >>>>

    NFL Today 9-24 Buffalo Indianapolis
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    Pop how have you been? Pittsburgh is my lean too as of now, I will start looking at it a lot closer Thursday or Friday should have a pick by Saturday night or Sunday morning. Just looked over at OSB wow there is some drama over there LOL, someone needs to take those children's keyboards away...
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    Sun pics

    Bring it on POP I have NY Giants and Pittsburgh also. Good luck and congrats on yesterday :D EX
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    Thanks Reno, 4grbay and Tidepride

    Thanks, funny thing I play 4 years H.S. 4 years college, 3 years overseas and been playing in some very competitive open leagues here in Nashville for about 6 years with nothing more than a sprained ankle. I play in a non competitive church league and this stuff happens. Oh well whattaya going...
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    Thanks Reno, 4grbay and Tidepride

    Played your big games today and cashed nicely :D... Tomorrow I go under the knife I ruptured my patella tendon playing basketball so I will be out of the circle. A couple of hours in surgery and about 4 to 6 months rehab :eek: Good luck on all your plays everyone. Hopefully I will have some...
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    Sugar bowl

    Good luck... Thanks for the GOY winner congrats!!
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    Chicago Bears?

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    Chicago Bears?

    They are sitting a lot of players right. I know Grossman is sitting and quite a few others as well.. anyone confirm this?
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    NFL Jan 1st Happy New Year

    Indianapolis Cincinnati Cincinnati/Kansas City Over New England Pittsburgh Jacksonville
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    Love it

    Great work on the new site Thanks Reno! : D

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