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  1. LondonFog

    Nadal vs Fognini

    Watching the second set here this morning. Fognini was up 4 games to 2 in the second set. Fognini lost the first set by 3 games. I played Fognini +135 +6.5 games. Amazingly the guy craps the bed and loses 4 games in a row. Will lose this wager Im sure as this Italian cant win a set and my...
  2. LondonFog

    Big play today

    Manchester city and Tottenham over 3.5 goals +150. My largest wager in a month, both teams in good form offensively and I see alot of balls in the back of the net. Cheers.
  3. LondonFog

    Euro soccer

    Middlesboro/Blackburn under 2.5 Barcelona /Eiche under 2.5 Manchester United/Liverpool over 2.5 Sheffield Wednesday +1.5
  4. LondonFog

    Big EPL play today

    Tottenham/Brentford over 2.5
  5. LondonFog

    EPL Saturday

    Tottenham/Leeds over 3.5 +115 West Brom/Arsenal under 2.5
  6. LondonFog

    On the pitch this weekend

    Going to visit my mum so may not be around later. Here is what I am playing: Real Madrid -180 Tottenham +115 Liverpool/Crystal Palace under 3 -120 Arsenal/Everton Under 2.5 +105
  7. LondonFog

    EPL Halftime Play

    Burley / Aston Villa under 1.5 2nd half -110
  8. LondonFog

    Europe plays on pitch

    Queens Park/ Stoke City under 2 +125 Bristol City/Millwall under 1 1st half -150 Real Madrid -1/2 -175
  9. LondonFog

    Sunday EPL plays

    Southampton -145 Fulham +1.5 -115 Arsenal/Burnley over 2.5 -115
  10. LondonFog

    England Championship Plays

    Watford Huddersfield Town AFC Cardiff City/Stoke city under 2.5
  11. LondonFog

    EPL plays

    Burney / Everton over 2.5 goals Manchester City/ Fulham 1st half draw +225
  12. LondonFog

    some good feeds for todays game

    http://crackstreams.com/nfl-streams/ All the games are here. You may have to close one pop up but one of the best sites I have found on the tele
  13. LondonFog

    Championship league plays

    Bristol City and Derby County under 2.5 Millwall to take down Cardiff City Barnsley and Nottingham Forest under 2.5
  14. LondonFog

    England League Plays starting soon

    League 1 Hull City/Burton Albion under 2.5 Peterbourough +125 League 2 Harrogate Town./Crawley over 2.5 (Best bet) Port Vale/Tranmere Rovers under 2.5 Oldham Athletic/ cunhorpe United over 2.5 Forest Green -102 Best of luck to the men of the board. Hope you can help me out with some American...
  15. LondonFog

    EPL plays

    Crystal Palace/Leeds over 2.5 Chelsea/Sheffield under 2.5 +110 Tomorrow Wolverhampton +220 Arsenal -1/2 -140
  16. LondonFog

    UK Media reports Biden calls Granddaughter Beau

    Watching the telly and its all over the news here that your candidate Joe Biden put his arm around his granddaughter and said this is my son Beau. Then realizing something was wrong by the crowds silence he puts his arm around a young girl and says "This is my granddaughter Natalie". Then he...

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