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    beefree why does everyone give you so much grief ? you>>>

    seem like such a great guy and you are definately a great capper. i like you and respect you. thats all bud gl tonight :)
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    0-1 yesterday 2-1 ytd flapjacks pick today dallas cowboys

    having fun yet
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    cxbbum question>

    what does cxb stand for? just curious where people get their names. i am a short order breakfast cook ie: flapjack thanks and glty
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    flapjacks play for today is over the total on the cal-wash state game.

    2-0 since joining hoping it continues
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    another easy winner with the over last night. 2-0 first 2 posts here yippee

    easy as flipping a pancake
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    tonights cfb over pitt-ucf lotsa points

    call me crazy but i think lotsa points by both teams
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    congrats to lockness monster and other bc backers nice call

    that one was as easy as clemson
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    is the posse out of business? no posts since the 8th?

    thanks for your help
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    is the posse out of business? no posts since the 8th?

    thanks for your help
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    cfb tonight clemson they run it up something ugly

    gl to all
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    just a thought from a longtime follower & lurker to all

    GROW UP! let's all beat the man and quit fighting over every little thing! that goes for everyone. and to the man beefree this means you too! don't respond to any bullcrap posts to you. it only make you look like you are lowering yourself to their level. stand proud man as you make these bozos...

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