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  1. Enfuegomiami

    WAYY To much love for Oregon State

    taking the best Defense in the country vs a Mediocre offense
  2. Enfuegomiami

    love that over 71.5 second half nt

    good luck
  3. Enfuegomiami

    Pound Memphis

    Senior Guard Chatman out for Dayton Memphis D will destroy them
  4. Enfuegomiami


    no college till Thursday so i can focus can't tell you what Memphis moneyline did to a 4 team moneyliner yesterday as well as the over in Portland on a 5 teamer Brooklyn-8 should destroy NY Indiana healthy Ill bite moneyline Mav's moneyline as well Beverly out and clippers are in disarray...
  5. Enfuegomiami

    back to earth yesterday3-6

    whenever I heat up I press and that will always be my downfall This is what I'm looking at today cant touch my hurricanes impossible to predict Duke-11.5 and over mostly the OVER 152 LB state OVER 153 Notre Dame -8.5 going out on a limb Elon +155 Clev St-145 BRYANT -7 fairfield+133 Oral roberts...
  6. Enfuegomiami


    Hofstra is flat may double down second half Depending on number and what score is Hopefully its close
  7. Enfuegomiami

    off a 9-2 sunday

    Hoping not to digress Not a solid card but we can find some plays Hofstra first half Elon has to be gassed Cleveland ST over Oral roberts over in another shoot out Georgia state H and game App state run ends today Mercer when both teams are tired go with best D GONZAGA NEastern moneyline south...
  8. Enfuegomiami

    Sunday winners

    Here we go Memphis Wisconsin I think that's too many points Cincinnati over 1:39 Over 140 Northwestern Loyola Chicago ELON Moneyline Michigan NC Greensboro NEastern Texas Coastal Carolina Good luck but thats what I’m seeing
  9. Enfuegomiami

    5pm and beyond

    sorry busy capping ,working and betting!! I Hate Saturdays 5pm ARKANSAS need i say more DEFENSE and run duke over following someone but i think its gonna go in 160's Mercer outright think wofford will be rusty 7PM LOVE Vandy with Pippen back they may upset them but ill take the 9 like Hawaii on...
  10. Enfuegomiami


    Heating up missed posting St.B -4.5 half
  11. Enfuegomiami


    Running late will as i cap Am I crazy to think that Richmond will cover the 3 1/2 put $200 on them sorry it just started
  12. Enfuegomiami

    March 3rd plays

    Gonna try and add daily. Very busy with tax season plus all my overtime at my Real job! 3/3/21 NCAA took St. Joes earlier wont count it as a win but my pocket sez otherwise why is Syracuse favored ? Pass Fishy Wichita line PASS Love UCONN Oregon St moneyline possibly NC ST moneyline St Johns...
  13. Enfuegomiami


    SORRY Inconsistent posting was Bday Yesterday and partying like a rock star hit big with Ok St. Nba Clippers Milwaukee and over Phoenix and may Play my HEAT again they're playing good ball NCAA WV moneyline Arkansas but weary of Frank Martins team which seems to have learned how to shoot...
  14. Enfuegomiami

    Sunday Funday

    what a average day yesterday didn't post since i seem to get overwhelmed on Saturdays. Duke stopped me from having a good day. Today Glad i didnt take the under Villanova that would have hurt! Took Memphis which is almost over My Card NCAA Houston in a blow out Ohio St should cover the measley...
  15. Enfuegomiami


    taking Michigan Blemont over Utes at home Jax st Moneyline Ohio State bounceback Colorado first half Arizona if Boyton is out for Washington St Highlighted favorites
  16. Enfuegomiami


    Going with 76ers and the over 229 Clippers and the over as well Red hot Wizards and over lastly New orleans and the OVER!! good luck favorites Highlighted
  17. Enfuegomiami

    NBA money

    so far loving portland over as well as Wizards/clippers over
  18. Enfuegomiami

    Good afternoon NCAA

    treading along NCAA has hit a speedbump but NBA is the moneymaker right now
  19. Enfuegomiami

    good evening

    busy day earlier i followed a cat from somewhere else on NC Green which was easy tonight took evansville with top 2 scorers out for Drake took duke in first half playing much better
  20. Enfuegomiami

    Sunday plays

    Will post on here if i see anything Early New Orleans over Later 76ers

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