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  1. Ctomemobile

    Masters insights >

    Heavy winds this weekend in the forecast- Sergio, Matsuyama, Leishman and Day are excellent in strong winds
  2. Ctomemobile

    Mostly passed

    Zags live may be decent. I’m a horrible chaser of live betting
  3. Ctomemobile

    Is Dime ok?

    Been quite
  4. Ctomemobile

    nba play>

    Well....3-2 is still not bad
  5. Ctomemobile

    Dime, you passing tonight?

    Just checking
  6. Ctomemobile

    All 6 games under this weekend

  7. Ctomemobile

    Sunday Hoops

    All 4 games yesterday flew under - guess who hammered the over in the last game.😞
  8. Ctomemobile

    The 151 Late play

    Over is due 😂
  9. Ctomemobile

    WAYY To much love for Oregon State

    Yeah, this didn’t age well for either of us
  10. Ctomemobile

    Larry Ness has Loyola -7. fyi.

    Never heard of him. So is this a play or fade?
  11. Ctomemobile

    Ark/Oral Robert’s info>

    Arkansas beat Oral Robert’s by 11 earlier in season and Arkansas was missing 2 starters that game.
  12. Ctomemobile

    Personal play on

    Ga States long layoff has them out of gas and it will cost us the over my friend.
  13. Ctomemobile

    Big dog I like

    ML 👀
  14. Ctomemobile

    NFL 2H ... Dime? I think over 28

    Which kills my under bet
  15. Ctomemobile

    Tampa to score a TD in 4th quarter...-168. Looks very appealing

    Tom Brady is a 2H monster
  16. Ctomemobile

    The 151 Special

    Reimer struggling today. 😡
  17. Ctomemobile

    The 151 Special

    ML parlay with Vegas to kill the juice?
  18. Ctomemobile

    personal play on

    Hammering Coastal Carolina -1 today.

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