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  1. squeezer

    Best early game

    Cool, You will bounce back tonight. Thanks Trig
  2. squeezer

    Seahawks +2.5. gl.

    Nice capping there Anthemius, please keep em' coming.
  3. squeezer

    Been partying for a week yada yada yada I need the Rams big...

    Stoney, you da man, you’ve been hotter than a four balled tomcat. Congrats!
  4. squeezer

    Looks like that little 10K bet

    Congrats again Bro, must be that good clean living paying dividends
  5. squeezer

    Nice payday Stoney $$$$$ thanks for the post

  6. squeezer

    Miami Marlins +116

    Friend of mine is best buds with Braxton Garrett's dad. He says this guy is the real deal. His stats are not that impressive, but he has had some issues, should be good to go today. Anyways gonna give it a shot. GL
  7. squeezer

    Wednesday Bases

    Awesome job Reno, many thanks to you
  8. squeezer

    thank you Jeff Sagarin

    Stoney, don't know if you are aware that the book is open at Cherokee now. Was there last week, pretty nice place, and probably a little closer for you.
  9. squeezer

    Monday Hoops

    Thanks Reno, the guys posting on here have done really well overall. Members should be up a good bit. Props to OSB. This site rocks!
  10. squeezer

    have a bunch of plays today>>>

    Not too shabby my man. I will take 8 and 3 all day long, and twice on Sundays. Speaking of Sundays, what ya got for tomorrow Stoney?
  11. squeezer

    CBB Total

    Thanks Box, I guess nobody is paying attention,$$$$$
  12. squeezer

    CBB Total

    Too easy Boxcar, good job, thanks
  13. squeezer

    some drunk broke into my computer last night and made some bets>>

    Dang, He needs to break -in more often.
  14. squeezer

    sweet gt ending... 10 in a row with the 2 late sat games!! going for the dozen

    Great run Stoney, keep em' coming bro!
  15. squeezer

    some smart guys I know

    Thanks for sharing DD.
  16. squeezer

    Wisconsin -6

    Thanks Trigger
  17. squeezer

    heading up to DC to bet 20* later tennis match

    Good Luck Stoney, slow down when you go through Emporia, they will ticket you in a heartbeat.
  18. squeezer

    personal play on

    Outstanding Dime, thx!
  19. squeezer

    ULMonroe +9.5

    Thanks Trig, much appreciated!

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