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  1. stevers

    Lakers under hammered

    216.5 now 212. ATS -10.5 now -9.5 why?
  2. stevers

    Personal play on

    Thank you sir.
  3. stevers

    Personal play on

    DD thanks, ...EZ
  4. stevers

    There’s a reason Cam was unsigned

    Big Ben sux
  5. stevers

    Personal play on

    Thanks DD
  6. stevers

    Personal play on

    Thanks DD
  7. stevers

    Some smart guys I know

    DD, thanks!
  8. stevers

    Saturday CFB

    10* winner!
  9. stevers

    Saturday CFB

    Good work Reno!
  10. stevers

    one afternoon total I like

    Thx HT
  11. stevers

    Personal play on

    thanks DD.
  12. stevers

    Saturday CFB

    Thanks Reno!
  13. stevers

    Personal play for Saturday

    Thanks DD
  14. stevers

    Personal play on

    incredible pick DD Thank you sir
  15. stevers

    Personal play for Thursday

    Sir Dog!
  16. stevers

    Some smart guys I know

    Thank you sir
  17. stevers


    CFB BEST OF THE BEST ODDSMAKERS TRAP Handicapper: Wayne Root League: NCAAF Competition: California vs Oregon Time: Friday, October 15, 10:30 pm ET Bet Type: Point Spread Pick: California +13.5 (-110) (DraftKings) Rotation #: 121 Analysis: Root Reserve—-California The Oregon Ducks may win but it...
  18. stevers


    World Worst Picker Brewers Rays Stanford Take Braves Red Sox Arizona State
  19. stevers

    Personal play on

    Thanks DD
  20. stevers

    personal play on

    thank you sir

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