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  1. gooch3334

    Personal play

    Not yet
  2. gooch3334

    The 151 Total Special

    Nice job!
  3. gooch3334

    The 151 Tourney Special

    Boooom baby!
  4. gooch3334

    Very sharp guy I know

    Thanks for the winner!
  5. gooch3334

    Texas Tech +2.5

    Let’s go Tech!
  6. gooch3334

    Killer Whale

    Ah yes!I rode the Pickerson train until it deraile,fun ride.My other 2 favorites also were Pork Piggler and Moats,they were solid!Would love notifications myself
  7. gooch3334

    Opinion Needed

    From one Red Raider fan to another I would roll with the best Qb in the game,Allen,think he has a ”Game“today.Your definitely in a dilemma with your opponent having Waddle,good luck!
  8. gooch3334

    RedRaider806 >>>

    Fellow Red Raider also,I’m not so optimistic about a win today after the horrible emotional letdown we had last weekend against Baylor.I’m more realistic in a 8 point cover by Tech more so than the outright win.Surely they’ll be motivated today after last weeks stinker
  9. gooch3334

    Texas Tech -5

    Hope all the talk about Shough being starting Qb next week isn’t true.That’s definitely not what we want
  10. gooch3334

    Personal play on

  11. gooch3334

    personal play on

    Great job DD!
  12. gooch3334

    Texas Vs. Kansas

    Thought the same,very fishy,I’m on it!
  13. gooch3334

    Texas vs. Texas Tech

    Easy money!
  14. gooch3334

    Texas vs. Texas Tech

    The one game “We Have To Win” tonight!We want to win all the games but this is the Must win game of the year!My family all have our Tech shirts ready to scream bloody murder at Beard,even though it was business on Beards end,it’s personal for Lubbock and the fans!Wreckem!
  15. gooch3334

    Texas Tech vs K-State

    Understandable letdown spot for Tech,at half we played pretty good defense,offensively not shooting great.Let’s hold on this second half
  16. gooch3334

    Texas Tech vs Iowa State

    Great defens effort by my Red Raiders!If we had our 2 best players,we easily would had won that game!Cheers to the lady Raiders beating the snot out of #9 Tx Longhorns!We almost double dipped
  17. gooch3334

    Is Duke a trap tonight?

    Gonzaga played uninspired last night against a 1-5 Tarleton team.I’m thinking Duke comes out flat tonight and Ohio st covers
  18. gooch3334

    Personal play on

    I had -3’$$$$
  19. gooch3334

    Oklahoma State

    From Lubbock myself and a Red Raider I agree 100%
  20. gooch3334

    Personal play on

    $$$$Dime Dog$$$$

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