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  1. Hairtrigger

    Julius Randle

    I see 8.5 rebounds on him offshore, how does that not go over?
  2. Hairtrigger

    Best total tonight I am on

    Clippers/Suns over 227.5
  3. Hairtrigger

    Best play tonight

    Kings +2.5
  4. Hairtrigger

    Top play for Sunday

    Nuggets -7.5
  5. Hairtrigger

    Best play for today

    Knicks/Cavs over 216.5
  6. Hairtrigger

    Tonights play

    Thunder/Timberwolves over 228.5
  7. Hairtrigger

    My Wed night play

    Pelicans/Thunder under 226.5
  8. Hairtrigger

    Best play for Tues play-in games

    Hawks and Heat under 227.5 (228 in some places now)
  9. Hairtrigger

    Ladies game for today

    Playing the under 159.5, think they are much too ambitious. See 160.5 at a couple places if you can shop there
  10. Hairtrigger

    Early Saturday personal play

    following and playing the over as well
  11. Hairtrigger

    Best play for me

    Gonzaga/UConn over 154
  12. Hairtrigger

    Total I love

    Alabama / Sd State over 137.5
  13. Hairtrigger

    Best play for me

    Gonzaga +1.5
  14. Hairtrigger

    Worst day of year

    I have been cold myself. Trusting there are better days ahead. Limit yourself based on what you can reasonably stomach losing. If you make $50k per year maybe it’s $100 or $200 per game. If you make $500k maybe it’s $1000. Have some semblance of the value of money so that when you do get...
  15. Hairtrigger

    Some smart guys I know

    All hail Dime dog
  16. Hairtrigger

    Total I really like today

    TCU / Gonzaga under 154
  17. Hairtrigger

    Early play I like

    Furman +5
  18. Hairtrigger

    Side I am on

    Vermont +10, think they could even pull the upset
  19. Hairtrigger

    Early play for me

    Alabama/Tex A&M CC under 155.5
  20. Hairtrigger

    Play I am on

    Youngstown State +5.5

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