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    early personal play for Sunday NFL

    The only good news is that I laid off the play because I didn’t want to take under 45 having missed the better line
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    Damn good Fight on Tonite....Lomachenko vs Lopez

    Thanks for the post, I followed and watched the fight. Really enjoyable.
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    MLB from Beefree

    I have an ex-wife who is not that crazy with jealousy. The funny thing is, he posts at RX not here and no one here really cares.
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    Personal play for tonight

    great info dime, saw this before I went to the gym and got down taking 7. Just saw my book went to 6, appreciate the heads up.
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    Yes they do, I have watched the UFC PPV there regularly
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    This is a great link to watch live sports and there are no popups or ads. Worth a look, been using it for about a year now, thought I would share.
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    Masahiro Tanaka (Yankees -125, 8.5 total) is all but a guarantee tonight

    In seven postseason starts, Tanaka’s postseason ERA is 1.76 over 46 innings with a 0.78 WHIP, and he has only allowed more than two earned runs in one start (3 vs Astros in 2019). Of all the Yankees who’ve pitched 40 postseason innings, only Mariano Rivera’s 0.70 ERA is better. As Yankee...
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    did these two games get played yesterday ?

    BOTH POSTPONED FROM CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: A strange college football season became stranger Sunday when Georgia State announced what were thought to be positive COVID-19 test results were actually misread, causing the the Panthers’ game against the Charlotte 49ers on Saturday to be postponed.The...
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    I sent you a Private message, if you can respond when you have a moment, Id appreciate it. Thanks.
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    2020 MLB plays

    Gasman, I was bored at work today so I decided to go thru the record day by day. For 2020, year to date, reno is 78-63 for 55.3% (there are 4 no plays due to 1 pitching change /3 rainouts) Someone betting $100 per unit would have won $12748 based on the lines posted. I gave -110 juice on all...
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    2nd half USL play Sacramento Republic +125

    Much better team than Tacoma Defiance who got a lucky early goal in the first and hung back playing defense in the 1st half. I like the over 3.5 goals for the game +200 as well, as Sacramento should get at least two, maybe three.
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    Nice call. Cam forgot that he is not the guy he was at 24, no way he was getting in on that final play.
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    Westgate top picks

    Thanks for the post
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    Sat action, Big play for me

    Oklahoma -48, think they win by 70 in their opening game. Missouri state is a lame team who doesnt belong on the same field. This looks like a 21-0 first quarter type gae
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    New Season.....Hope everyone is well

    Best of luck this year Futbol, looking forward to some winners
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    Opening Night: Texans vs Chiefs thread

    Texans +10, never bet against Deshaun Watson
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    Gemba NHL Playoff Picks

    Appreciate the posts, win or lose. Thank you
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    Sunday NHL Totals Play of 2020

    Best of luck Marty
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    The D next week

    I cant wait for Circa either. I hear Derek Stevens is a great guy.
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    2020 Kansas City Chiefs Video Preview