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  1. LUCKY

    nfl week 11

    good luck !!! with your operation!:)
  2. LUCKY

    $100 Sunday JUSTBET contest

    Indy & 58 gle1 go indy
  3. LUCKY


    Green Bay +3- the pack is back !!!!!!!
  4. LUCKY

    Sun Nfl Plays

    beefree> my pc crashed and i lost the forum you and the kids are at. could you please email 66vette
  5. LUCKY

    Sunday >>>>

    good luck pop i am tailing the play gltu
  6. LUCKY

    2-10 yest so fade these.....

    2-10 that not to bad>i was 1-12 so ha ha i am the worst !! fade me i like giants-atlanta-denver-new eng- miamia
  7. LUCKY

    NFL Offshoremonitor Sunday 9/24 >>>>

    pitt bears buff colts
  8. LUCKY

    NFL Offshoremonitor Week #1 Sunday>>>

    carolina/////k.c./////denver//// gle1
  9. LUCKY

    Post your best prop Play for the superbowl

    over 43- yards longest field goal -115 i hope
  10. LUCKY

    pittsburg will win by 13

    i hope
  11. LUCKY

    2 winners

    giants-2- steelers -3
  12. LUCKY

    nfl play

    good luck my friend

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