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    With everyone and everything on the Chiefs, Vegas held this line at -7.5 all week. Not falling for it. Taking Chiefs will hurt a lot of public bettors looking for a bailout ......ouch!!!! Play of the Day Triple Play Vegas +7.5
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    Need some advice

    Last 4 games between the two had 3 unders and 1 over Take the coin
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    Tonight’s Bailout

    And Harbaugh lives for another week Right now He must be saying “whew”
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    Tonight’s Bailout

    Sunday has more messed up lines Christmas has come early!!!!
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    Tonight’s Bailout

    Don’t look now but Harbaugh might be coaching his last game. Rutgers running it up big blue’s ass ok onto tonight ......... In 2 games so far, one seen anything good from USC but yet Vegas favors the Trojans by 2 on back to back road games and in Utah of all places Go fuck yourself Vegas...
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    11-21-20 CFB Plays

    Like your call on the cats shifty gl
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    Saturday Plays

    EC Pirates KS Wildcats Lookin’ good early
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    11/21 CFB 148-138 ytd

    Love the call on cats Top play for me too gl
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    Friday Night

    Yes we all know it Gophers have several coaches and 20 players out tonight. With this many players out and zero depth on the bench for the Gophers tonight, how fucking bad is Purdue to be only a 2 point favorite? Give me Minny +112 all night long gl
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    Thursday Night biggie

    Hags/Cards under 57 Tulane ml Bet’em hard and bet’em often Hags and Cards will not have any turnovers tonight The Wave get their first conference win of the year Christmas came early
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    11-18-20 CFB Play

    Nice work shifty
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    Monday Services

    Do my eyes deceive me? Am I seeing all Bears in service plays?
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    Cleveland -4 Detroit -2 Tampa Bay -6 Packers/Jags under 47 Late games comin’ up
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    NCAAF 11/11

    I laid too much money on these two teams But if I win, I didn’t bet enough
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    NCAAF 11/11

    On it with a lot gl
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    Super contest leaders got smoked today!!!

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets win outright tomorrow just to shake up the leaderboard even more...
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    Sunday NFL

    Reno Good to see you also on the Bucs over tonight I tripled my wager after seeing your post Huge play for me tonight gl
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    Totals Play of the Day

    Adding Owls -6 Vols -2
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    Totals Play of the Day

    Cougars/Beavers UNDER 64 Gl
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    Exciter said it best “destructor defies”

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