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  1. muskyblues

    Sunday divisional games

    Chefs And Saints I’m Layin the points Enjoy the games
  2. muskyblues

    Touchdown Gb

    Wow that TD play it was an exact take off from Smith from Alabama at the national championship game!!! Enjoy the game
  3. muskyblues

    Divisional Game 1

    We only got an inch of sleet n snow last night.. Even tho the Weather is not a big factor here in GB today. Like both defenses .. Playin the under
  4. muskyblues

    Tip for betting amongst friends

    For you packer fans… If you have any buddies that are Rams fans you bet them $10 a point spread. Your downside is minimal if Rams win. But if Rogers lights it up your upside is huge! Enjoy the game
  5. muskyblues


    Takin Bucky plus 3
  6. muskyblues

    CFB championship

    Ohio state Take the points. And for fun with this crazy high O/U total playin a two team parlay Ohio st and over ...smaller bet Glta Enjoy the game
  7. muskyblues

    Wild card weekend 5-1

    Thanks and welcome aboard KG yes i will be playing tonights game... still sorting thru it, will post later today glta
  8. muskyblues

    Wild card weekend 5-1

    5-1 weekend including a winning money line play on Cleveland Also Lost small parlay bet
  9. muskyblues

    Wild card game 6

    Playin Browns to win money line +202
  10. muskyblues

    Wild card game 5

    Saints -10.5
  11. muskyblues

    Wild Card Game 4

    Line moved Playin all dogs parlay Titans +3.5 Bears + 10.5 Browns +6
  12. muskyblues

    Wild Card Game 4

    Really Do not like the -3 Two good offenses kick back and enjoy the show Play the over 54
  13. muskyblues

    Wild Card Saturday 3-0

    Grabbin a bloody ... be back soon
  14. muskyblues

    Wild card game 3

    Looks like it’s a dogs day... Wash defense keeps it close.. small wager.. Take the points plus 10
  15. muskyblues

    Wild card game two

    Rams Veterans will prove too much for Seattle today. Take the points plus 3.5
  16. muskyblues

    Wild card

    Early game Colts run game and zone defense cover...take the points 6.5
  17. muskyblues

    Chicago Bears +1.5

    Thanks! Easy👍👍
  18. muskyblues

    The 151 Special

    Thanks Rum! It wasn’t a destroy...but it’s a win! 👍
  19. muskyblues

    Sunday NFL Contest - win up to $250

    Redskins, bengals, packers, vikings . Total= 48
  20. muskyblues

    $100 JustBet SUNDAY Contest

    Cent Fla 59

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