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  1. 151rum

    Personal play on

    Thank you for the early post I got it at plus 1 1/2 see it’s now a pick.
  2. 151rum

    Personal play on

    Thank you for another winner
  3. 151rum

    The 151 NBA Special

    Knicks/Magic over 204.5
  4. 151rum

    The 151 NHL Special

    Bruins -140
  5. 151rum

    Appalachian State -2½

    That was a sweat and a half
  6. 151rum

    The 151 Special

    Chiefs +7 -120, I would even take the +6.5 -105 Im seeing but like the insurance of the hook.
  7. 151rum

    Some smart guys I know

    Thanks for posting. $$$$$$$
  8. 151rum

    The 151 Jump in and hold your nose Special

    Texans/Bengals over 45.5 Wont be pretty but these teams will put up some points
  9. 151rum

    The 151 Special

    Miami Dolphins -2
  10. 151rum

    Saturday Service Plays

    ATS F Iowa State E San Jose State E Buffalo Bills Barrett Sallee Florida/Alabama Under 74 Tennessee/Texas A&M Over 51 Oklahoma -5.5 Oklahoma/Iowa State Under 58 Big Al McMordie E Mississippi Bob Balfe Oklahoma/Iowa State Under 58.5 Mississippi-1.5 Mississippi State/Missouri Over 49 Florida...
  11. 151rum

    The 151 C-USA Special

    Marshall -4.5
  12. 151rum

    The 151 Soccer Special

    Watford/Brentford under 2.5 -150
  13. 151rum

    MondayNight Football

    For some strange reason I followed you and took the money in line too, Instead of +3 1/2 at MGM. So that bullshit safety had no effect, as I was losing anyway. Probably the happiest I have ever been when on the losing side.
  14. 151rum

    The 151 Special

    Bengals/Cowboys over 42.5, both teams get the offense going today against bad defenses
  15. 151rum

    The 151 Special

    Pennn State -14.5, they will destroy these guys
  16. 151rum

    Two good horses today

    Thanks for the winner! Too bad other horse was scratched.
  17. 151rum

    1ST Half Play - #729 Loyola Marymount >

    Following. Best of luck
  18. 151rum

    The 151 College Football Total Special

    Clemson/Pittsburgh over 59
  19. 151rum

    The 151 Moneyline Special

    Utah State +190
  20. 151rum

    The 151 Special

    Washington -1.5, they look better with veteran leadership

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