day retires last year, today j bailey>>>


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hangs it up, g stevens too

losing some mighty strong jockeys of late

this guy won more races for me than anyone else, going to miss his classic laying back and making the push at the wire---nobody does it better except maybe g stevens

g gomez may become the best of all time
d cohen will be strong rider to back in years to come at some strong odds


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His final ride is Jan 28th at Gulfstream

Gomez needs to keep his nose clean...literally. He's lucky from the booze and drugs that he still gets quality mounts.


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shooter you see gomez lady

she is fine and gave him ultimatum to keep nose clean or shes gone this time so i hear, he doesnt want to lose that piece of aas for sure


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Yeah...she's pretty sharp

The guy has all of the tools and he's getting the mounts. Let's just hope his time in the hole gave him the shock treatment he needed.

New guys I really like are Rafael Bejarano at Gulfstream right now and Gomez out at Santa Anita. Corey Nakatani is my favorite on the grass, especially at a price.

Biggest guy who drives me nuts is P Val. If you need a guy to get your horse out of the gate or to the lead...he's the guy. But if your horse is a closer I swear the guy can't ride a closer because he always has the gas peddle down!


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day and stevens

i see day around town ever once in a while,but gary stevens needs voice lessons if he's goin on american idol...maybe he can hook up with big john daly and record some pot smokin/pizza eatin songs...lol
greta kuntzweiler just got busted for crystle meth last week here in town also...she was an up-and-comer in the race world..........knew she was makin weight somehow...


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hadnt heard that about greta or about stevens going on american idol

dont understand the hype with that show

3 putt you going to the derby. ive never been but i will make that trip before 2 many more yars have gone

shooter---p val and even nakatani baffle me, whenever im on them they cant get it done yet when i stay away they ride the race of the year---i play mostly pk4 and 6 and itsa difficule to leave these 2 off but you almost have too but youre right pval always rides hard

desormeaux is another guy, how can u leave him off your ticket, california tracks just to hard to cash at because all the jockeys are so da good


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I agree on both

But Nakatani on the grass is nails. I will always include him because he knows where to be..and when. PVal just stomps on the gas pedal and you've got to hope if you've got money on him the horse survives! Bob Bafford said one of the reasons he doesn't use P Val is because of his style. I guess if you've got a speed horse who else would you want on horse?

My biggest problem with P Val is the stinkin acting job when he gets so called "fouled" The friggin guy is worse than a Spanish Soccer player on a Saturday night during a match.

Most guaranteed short prices? Martin Pedrosa at Fairplex meet..period


I have Pat Days old car. Went to test drive it, crazy seat all the way up, pillow in the seat. Super nice guy. Won a lot of money on him at Oaklawn.


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Yeah Pat is solid as well...should still be riding

But the Lord told him otherwise....which is cool. Another guy who could rip out your spleen at a moments notice on a so/so horse

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