Huge Bet

Where is the little boy? Are you still digging???? You should little boy, the truth is there! Let's uncover it. Say hello to your mom from me. Seriously, thank her to still have you in her basement.. 😂😂😂 To funny, it really is. Also I can't believe I am engaging in this childhood games. So stop talking shit and do all of it boy.
50* Diamondbacks
50* 76ERS
20* Yankees.
Good luck.
Yeah I’m still here and I see you’re still losing like you have since 2014. I’ve never seen anyone lie about their record like you do. I’m actually embarrassed for you the more I go back. You’re one of the biggest squares on the internet. This is the last time I comment in this thread. You’ve been exposed and everyone knows it.
Warriors really let me down, the las 3 possessions were atrocious!!!
100* Cavaliers -6.5
100* Warriors to advance
50* Red Sux -1.5
50* Yankees -1.5
Good luck.🍀 Celtict will win game 7
50* Braves
25* Yankees ml
25* Yankees rl
25* Astros ml
25* Astros rl
50* Vegas
Add EOS and Golem to your crypto currency portfolio 💼 Bitcoin will rock and so the other alt coins.
Good luck.🍀
Crypto currencies will make a bull run now. Buy all my recommendations, all in. All top 10 coins will at least double in the near future, some will explode even more.
World Cup Soccer is almost here. Fade Russia hard.
I will be back Friday with some picks.
So if you didn't invest in crypto currencies yet now is the time like never before!!!$$$
We are going to the moon. Buy all my recommendations. Also include ZIL, ICX, ONT, VET, ETC,GNT, PPT,RDD,THETA and KIN. Good luck and happy money count soon!!🍀🍀
Bitcoin baby!!!! BUY big all top 10 excluding USDS
25* France +150
25* Uruguay +205
Both 25* to advance
5* correct score France 2-1 +900
5* Correct score Uruguay 1-0 + 650
25* Yankees +130
100* Yankees tomorrow with Severino pitching. I will be back with more World Cup tomorrow.
Good luck.
I am here on popular demand! Especially from this punk ass bitch Jonny bravo Please fade me little boy! Also I will book you anytime but you will need to deposit first🤣🤣🤣🤣 Broke ass punk! 🥳🥳🥳🤣🤣🤣💰💰💰! Amazing times, amazing winners in crypto market and stock market and of course sports betting. Now more manipulated and fixed then ever before. Adopt and change your way of thinking if you want to win.
10* Yankees to advance
10* Yankees -142
10* Yankees -1.5 +115
10* Packers -5.5
20* Packers +4.5, Chiefs -2, Packers Over 46
Making nice score with WWR in finance 1.0
Got it at just under $2.00
Sits at Just under $8.00 and I am still not selling, should be at $10 tomorrow.
Also good runners are CBAT and ENLV
Good luck to all.

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