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The weather in the UK is currently in one of those cold snaps. During the past few days they've dealt with snow, frozen pitches, and cold weather. It would be prudent to watch the weather prior to games to get a handle on the pitch before diving into any totals etc.

Lots of games in the UK and Scotland tomorrow. The lines are starting to get inflated with teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, etc. I'm not saying they don't deserve respect, but laying 1 1/2 goals etc. a game leaves very little margin for error.

English Championship

Sheffield Wednesday at Burnley (23 at 7)

One of the worst road teams against one of the strongest home teams ( Sheff is 1-7-5 on the road vs. Burnley 6 in a row and 10 of their last 15.
I like Burnley at home and this price is bound to move.

selection: Burnley -1/2 -135 5*

WBA at Liverpool (16 at 3)

7-1-1 at home versus 0-6-3 on the road

To save time Liverpool doesn't let teams like this score on their home turf. The last 4 meetings against WBA were 5-0, 3-0, 6-0, 2-0. Liverpool looks looks better then Chelsea right now and I think WBA might just see their wrath tomorrow. Peter Crouch the "Mad Stork" to the HOUSE!

Selection: Liverpool -1 1/2 -145 3*

Overall units: +65 units on the season

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