Sportsbooks screwing with lines


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As many of you may have heard Bill Kramkomberger and Rufus Peabody are among those who have been outspoken about the nonsense going on at some books. Surprisingly, its been happening at US based books.

It seems that the books are taking shots at players in two different ways.

In the first example, noted sports bettor Bill Krakomberger has stated sportsbooks are using the spin/hold in que delay process when people wager on live sports to gain an unfair advantage. If the outcome of the next play favors the book, its accepted. If it favors the player it gets rejected. A major Nevada sportsbook has been accused of doing this in Nevada. They have a 7-10 second TV delay in their favor, then they add the spin/que to buy some extra time. In a sport like football it can be a huge advantage with turnovers. Kind of puts a new spin on the "house advantage". No pun intended.

In the second example, sportsbooks see what you want to wager on then reject the bet as old and reissue a new line, of course with worse odds. Josh (@callcustservice on Twitter) cited an example of how he was shafted with a worse line on a sportsbook app. After trying to place a wager on a futures bet, the sportsbook rejected and cut the line in half and offered him the new, much worse odds.


Its a problem and Nevada and New Jersey Gaming enforcment seem to not care about right now. Perhaps if the players start filing official complaints, the States will get involved. Until then though it will be open season on players it appears.
The one thing I always hated about live betting is that you are at these guys mercy. They can change the line and watch the game to see whether they want to accept the bet. I can't tell you how many times Heritage has rejected a mid game line and readjusted based on the next play. Its a reason I stopped playing there. So I am not surprised when I hear from othr players that William Hill is playing games as well.

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