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    Personal play for Sat

    Honestly Dime, there is no one like you. You are by far the best and it’s very much appreciated.
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    Play I like today

    Thank you HT
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    NBA side I like

    Unreal. It happens. Early in the week.
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    NBA side I like

    Thank you! Best play of the day!
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    TNF early play

    Sorry, I edited it. I meant over. That’s my bad.
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    NBA Plays

    Pelicans +3.5 Magic +7.5 Wizzards -4.5 Pacers -1 Good Luck!
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    TNF early play

    Taking the Saints +4.5 early, and also teased it with the over. People are going to bet the house on Dallas cuz they lost last week and Bills killed New Orleans. And The Saints don’t even know who their QB is going to be. And Dallas just got back Gallup and Cooper. McCarthy is on Protocol, and I...
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    NBA total I like

    Thank you HT!
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    NBA total I like

    Thanks HT!!
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    Monday Night Football

    Great hit! Thanks Reno!
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    Glad I didn’t bet my house, wife and unborn children …. Get em next time my man!
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    Personal play on

    Thanks DIME!
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    Some smart guys I know

    It’s all about trusting the process, and no one needs any negative comments. It’s your choice to take the play or not. Smart guys, nice guys, tall guys, fat guys… it doesn’t matter. If Dime posts, it’s always good info. Can’t win them all. My brother and I follow him, and my dad has been...
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    Friday CFB

    Bammmmm!!! Thanks Reno
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    NBA play Im on

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    Last minute pick

    Georgia +8 … might win outright
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    Big bettor alert

    So take the Titans? That’s what I’m leaning
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    Circa Millions for week 11

    So these are the picks the public is on?
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    total I like tonight

    Ty for posting!

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