Who do y'all listen to?


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I'm not gonna lie yal... I'm here to read your posts, evaluate if I think your logic is good, and act accordingly. If this was a poker game, I'd not be able to identify the chump at the table. Hehehe!

So, who do you follow and where can I eavesdrop on their thoughts?

I stumbled learned of Reno from a degenerate gambling friend. I like many of his arguments.

Found Dime Dog watching Reno's interactions.

Michael Limbardi's pod is both entertaining and informative.

Those are my follows to whom I pay attention.

Appreciate your time and responses,



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Been following reno for close to 20 years. Has his hot an cold streaks.
dime dog a professional gambler been here for years.
Hairtrigger has had some unbelievable runs.
Nightshift Ject real decent as well. Stoney a long timer here as well has good info.
Moats / Marty rock solid.

Lots of good guys here, sorry if I forgot someone but its a great group.

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