BEEFREE--> can't believe you stopped posting, you let me down, I miss your posts..,


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did he say he is done, well thats hard to imagine

if so he and pickerson can start their own board and talk to each other, bee knows better than to quit b/c of the bs


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The board works like that...

10-30 screen names being the same person fuxxing with the cappers who have the skills and knowledge to damage a book....
secondly no ones exempt..I bet when memphis's run ends like all cappers runs end and hits a skid he'll be beatching just like the rest..unless he's one of them..that the word from the bird!
Pickerson was very good at helping others and he isn't the only one that can help..n

how ever that guy could kill a book.

and he may have said some akward things he was just playing a character like the rest of us. Thats what adds a dimension to this board and the other board. You guys need yo wake up and realize what beefree and Pick and others bring to this board TRAFFIC! TRAFFIC TRAFFIC! I see how many people follow Pickerdick and beefree and it makes me jealou why should I cap a game? Doing a board a injustice by getting rid of them, or allowing them to walk away
i know i am new but if this place is high on the important things in anyones life... then they need to get a life. i enjoy coming here and reading posts and comments etc. but for people to actually let themselves get upset over anything to do with this place, the internet in general or gambling then they may want to take a close look at their priorities.

tonight usc & under but i have got a wicked middle going on the total along with it

hope everyone can get it together and keep posting that or grow up instead.

there said my peace now give the newbie a kick in the ass.. i expect it.


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Pick....I hear ya...alot of "Hit & Run'rs"....

They come on the board for a short time and are never heard from again...but you and Bee know's happened before...but you guys are better than that !!


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lmao pickerson

when my run ends, i have been here 5 years and y sure i have lost some but nobody puts up numbers like i have put up in these 5 years so i wouldnt say this is just a hot streak its much more than that, hot streaks come and go they dont last 5 years but consistency does

as for b, i like b i hope he comes back i m just saying he shouldnt let the bs get to him, he has been here aslong as me and i have learned to let that crap just go by

it used to get to me, remeber when we had our run ins, not anymore i just dont give a f and for multiple usernames thats a fn good 1, when youre as good as i am and everyone likes memphisman theres no needd to hide son
if you guys are beating the man then what on earth is there to argue about? who cares who is number one or the best. why not just post and take the kudos as they come and let the bs slide off your back. gluck all
JMO but a few asshats were really slinging it on Bee, I've been following Bee for a long time now, his records are what he says. These n00b ass bandits that have no clue went a bit to far.

I'm kinda surprised at some of you regulars for not sticking up for him and getting that trash banned off the forums. A lot of you guys seem to respect each other and get along fine, you regulars I mean, the ones that made OSB a happenin place with great picks and insights.

I know a few of you probably weren't around when those boners were ragging him but the ones that were there could have helped the brother out. You guys know he picks winners 70-75% of the time. And i'm sure you've followed him or wanted to see his opinion on a game. I sure as hell do.

I've seen some of you guys that have posted in this thread get called out and the rest of you fire back to help your pal.

This is just from what i've seen, I don't post at OSB cause people are dicks there and all I would be doing is posting a play I tailed off of Beefree, Memphis, Streak, Chalk, Pickerson and a bunch of other regulars.

This was just my opinion but I feel you've lost some good info and a good guy, as it would be for a lot of you guys if any of you left.

GL on tonite's game.;)