Belmont Stakes and undercard

Let's win one!

Betting # 9 1000WPS 15-1 shot
5,9,10 200 ex box
100 tri box
DD 100 5,9,10/5 huge long shot!

Pick 4 race 8th $40
3,5,8,9/4,7/2,4,10/1,5,7,8 deep ticket
Belmont Stakes
American Pharoah is one of the best horses I ever saw but 3/5 is not for me. I will like to see him win but betting against him.
Tough day today as I am shooting blanks all day.
7 $1500 WP
7/1,2,5,8 300 ex 100 reverse
Key tri and superfecta 7/1,2,3,5,8 100
Congrats to American Pharoah, like I said the best horse I ever saw. Huge margin!
For me one of the worse or the worst day ever betting horses. That's ok.
Let's go Golden State!!!