Biggest Service Play For Each NBA Game, No Exceptions


A lot of touts give lip service to “long term profit”. At it’s a science. In NBA and college basketball, Bill Tanner and Castlegate Sports are beyond debate the top 2 services. They rank 1-2 in ROI, total net units won, and winning percentage in the NBA and overall going back any time period of at least three years. Only Statmaven Sports has a higher ranking in college. To say the least, we will ride these services for your benefit again this basketball playoff season as we have in previous years.

Here is your locked and loaded menu for Sunday, April 20, 2008

Statmaven Sports is No. 1 all-time on as far as plays that have risen to the level to be re-released. Rankings trace back to the 976-LOCK scorephone days through the SuperLockLine and are all-sports combined. In other words, their highest rated plays have proven since 1980 to be as good as any sports service. Their top totals system in all of sports is an NBA system. It’s winning percentage is 70.7 percent and it’s +160.7 units including a 2-0 sweep yesterday. Get another today

He’s hit 14 straight CBB and NBA Game of the Week plays! He goes for a record shattering 15 today. Mark the Shark, the top handicapper west of the Mississippi hits 60-65 % of his Game/Total of the Month or higher plays. He is without question the top Pac 10 and Mountain West tipster in America. He’s been offered nearly seven figures per year to join a famed Las Vegas sports handicapping marketing giant, but has spurned offers because they demanded marketing concessions that would negatively affect his modules. Get his 15th Game of the Week winner in basketball with the NBA Game of the Week Philadelphia-Detroit

A site that claims to have hit 11 straight 20* High Rollers has another today for $49.95. Same play here for pennies on the dollar. 12 consecutive 20* High Roller

Bo Eason is the No. 2 ranked handicapper all sports combined since 1990 but he is the No. 1 all-time NBA postseason handicapper!. His 10*s have turned a profit in every sport (college and pro counted separately) literally ever year since 1990. Get his 1st 10* of the NBA postseason (18-4 last year!)

The top tout on a Las Vegas based website has his First Round NBA Game of the Year. This website is offering all four of the handicappers top plays for $99. We have all four top plays, the aforesaid Game of the Year in the NBA plus 3 MLB and it will cost you much less than the $99 that you pay them.

Free Pick: Bo Eason MLB 10* Colorado

Our rankings are based on:

ROI—based on units risked versus units won ratio, minimum 50 units risked to qualify. This category also takes into consideration multiple unit picks

Total net units won—how much money a service won based on one unit per play including the juice

Winning percentage—self explanatory, minimum of 50 plays in quoted category to quality for rankings

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