Cfb 10/21 Plays +gom


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GOM 7* VANDERBILT +3 1/2 i know an respect signalcaller's goy on scarolina -an i have lowered my play to 7* but vandy beat georgia lw an are sky high an playing with big enthusiam-let down heck no-this team is hungry an will fight to the end.+points a big bonus.sec the toughest conference an they beat each other.ill take vandy in upset win.:)


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cfb yest 0-1 -230

cfb-ytd +3,485

nfl ytd +2,530
mlb ytd+3,040

im not playing nhl until midseason-too may changes.ytd -330
Do you not count all the extra vig on your baseball record? Like the last game. Mets were a dim or so fav when you bet them then you bought back. Then you played Cards. There is a at least a dime difference in moneyline. Especially since line dropped several cents when you made the Cards play. Do you take the best of both worlds?
OUCH !!!! Now maybe you will stop making fun of me.

By the way I swept the board on my plays and did very well following your advice fading you. Thanks. Who do you like Sunday ?


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troter-the azzhole doesnt even post his plays.1or 2 maybe then says he has his mets goy an decade looses BIG an then says he never had it.i got over 200 emails on that.we were all laughing-the jerk who we know has all his aliases he cant even keep he smells too.:eek:
wicked slick said:
Nice to meet you Trotter. I appreciate you attacking bee when he has been slaming me.
I wasn't attacking Bee Wicked, my post was directed to you. If you don't have anything constructive to add then I would suggest stay out of his posts, I've followed Bee's picks for years, whether you like him or not in the long run you'll make money, I have.

I don't understand the jealousy and drama that goes on around here, that's why I never post picks, then again, they aren't my picks anyway.:D

Just post plays dude, and if you don't post plays STFU and quit being an asshat. We're all here for one reason, to make some cash...well, I am anyway.

And if you think I'm wrong about Bee just check out how many hits he gets on his posts, I think that deserves a bit of respect right there. JMO

Good Luck today guys, post some winners Bee.:)
12-1 on my posted plays at OSB1 this year. Including GOY in college, NFL, and NFL total. 5-0 posted plays yesterday. What are you 2 delusional people talking about? I never post a play? LMAO. Just because I'm not an action junkie like flipper and bet and change and downgrade and buy-back and switc teams and cancel bets LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Followes Bee for 5 years and made money? LMAOOOOOOOOOO. Bets both sides . Bets after game starts . Changes plays like the wind and you expect anyone to follow? Bee. 200 e-mails? LMMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You are delusional. You have some kind of distorted fan club in your mind. Do you know how foolish you sound? Really. Get help with your issues. You attacked me because you are envious. I have posted winner after winner. You can't even keep up with your own plays much less someone else. By the way..........Who do you like today? One more thing.....................Where your recap ? LOL