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There's a stat game of the week in college and pro this week..."I've not lost these type games. I'm 16-0 off a loss the past two years...lmao"...just thought I would try the scammers set up well.

O.K. back to the stats:
Nebraska travels to Virginia Tech. The line has flopped all over the place, and is sitting around 4 right now.


1) Nebraska is 0-17 on the road against Top 20 programs
2) They've not won a Top 20 matchup on the road since 1997
3) Last Year Tech outrushed the Huskers 206-50 in Nebraska
4) Husker backers like to buy up tickets to pack stadiums...not this week as
Va Tech squashed that idea....great open song and entrance for Va Tech.

Personally, I believe Nebraska will try to throw 8 in the box and stop Taylor (Tech QB) from running all over the field. Their best chance to beat Va Tech is make Taylor throw the ball. If he's success, the Husker's are in big trouble. Va Tech's defense and special teams are hitters, and they made a solid accounting of themselves against Alabama.

Selection: Virginia Tech -4

Record on stat games: 1-1

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