did these two games get played yesterday ?


FROM CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: A strange college football season became stranger Sunday when Georgia State announced what were thought to be positive COVID-19 test results were actually misread, causing the the Panthers’ game against the Charlotte 49ers on Saturday to be postponed.The game, which was to be Charlotte’s home opener, could have been played.49ers’ coach Will Healy’s reaction?“To me, it’s disappointing for our team and their team that we missed an opportunity to play,” Healy said. “I’m not mad or frustrated at them. They made the right decision, given the information they had at the time.

“The frustrating part is that it was incorrect information that was given. We have to be able to convince our players that we have accurate information and that we are going to protect you.”It was another punch to the gut for the 49ers, who had to cancel their game on Sept. 19 at North Carolina when several members of their offensive line went into contact tracing quarantine.Healy said he talked with Georgia State coach Shawn Elliott on Friday night after the postponement was announced.“He said he was sorry, and I told him, no apology needed,” Healy said. “A week ago, I had to go through the same thing; I had to call North Carolina and tell them we couldn’t play. So I get it. I know how badly you and your team are hurting. But this is the time we’re living in.”On Sunday afternoon, Georgia State athletics director Charlie Cobb said in a statement that the Panthers medical staff was alerted by a lab director that “human error Friday morning caused the error in test results.”According to a release from Georgia State, results from a Thursday test showed four positives and contact tracing identified 17 others, including one coach, who would require quarantining. At that point, Georgia State decided it wouldn’t play the 49ers in their home opener at Richardson Stadium on Saturday.“As part of our protocols, we tested the individuals again Friday afternoon and were informed by our lab Friday night that none tested positive,” Cobb said. “They also retested the swabs from Thursday and all tested negative as well. It was at this point that the lab director informed our medical staff that a human error Friday morning caused the error in test results.By that time, Healy said, “the ship had sailed.” It was too late to reverse course and play the game.

“The disappointing news is that we could have played on Saturday,” Cobb said. “More importantly, the positive news is we are not dealing with an outbreak at this time. We appreciate the professionalism shown by (Charlotte director of athletics) Mike Hill and coach (Will) Healy throughout the past 48 hours.”Georgia State is scheduled to host East Carolina this Saturday. Charlotte (0-1) is at Florida Atlantic in its Conference USA opener. The Owls have also had two games called off due to coronavirus concerns.“I understand that the scientific and medical professionals all across the country are fighting their rear ends off to be as accurate as possible,” Healy said. “We need for that to continue to be true. But you prepare your team for something, then you tell them it’s not true? That doesn’t make you look good as a head coach.”Healy has repeatedly said over the past two weeks that the havoc the coronavirus is causing with college football — not to mention society in general — “is the story of 2020.” That has him thinking about his New Year’s Eve plans.“I’ve never been to (New York’s Times Square), where the ball falls down,” he said. “But I’m going to find somewhere where they do it right and celebrate the hell out of 2021 arriving.”

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - COVID-19 is not finished wreaking havoc with the college football schedule.
Arkansas State announcing Wednesday that Saturday’s matchup with Tulsa is postponed.
A-State unable to have a two-deep depth chart at one position group that would allow the game to be played safely.
It’s the second straight week for the Red Wolves to be in this predicament thanks to the pandemic.
A-State had at least 15 players unavailable on Sept. 12 when they upset Kansas State on the road. That was from a combination of injury, COVID-19 positives and contact tracing.
This week’s postponement is due to positive tests discovered Monday, plus other players still displaying symptoms, as well as needing time to safely reacclimate prior to the game.
Arkansas State and Tulsa are working to reschedule the matchup.