FBI fugitive threatens legal action against TheOnlinewire

BETonSPORTS shareholder and FBI fugitive Norman Steinberg threatens "legal" action against TheOnlinewire for publishing a link to the pages of the Interpol's Web site that display his pictures.

The BETonSPORTS saga will probably be remembered as the "Mother of all Surprises". The latest unexpected twist is represented by one of BoS shareholders and FBI fugitive, some Norman Steinberg, who left a voice mail in TheOnlineWire voicemail announcing legal action because of an article containing a link to the Interpol Web site on which pictures of the fugitive are displayed.

"This is Norm Steinberg…..I guess you know who I Am." the voice message begins. "I sent you an e-mail last week." Steinberg accused us of not replying to his email. In reality we never saw it until we eventually found it sifting through the junk box, where it probably best belonged.

"Because of my past affiliation many employees and clients of the company could mistakenly misconstrue the responsibility of these debts and impositions placed upon them by the board of directors of BOS who made the ultimate decisions." Steinberg said in his e-mail.

"Although a fugitive in the eyes of the US Gov't, to the contrary I am not in hiding, as I have been a resident and citizen of Costa Rica for a long time, and have lived here for almost 10 years." He added.

"I ask peacefully that you delete this story and its link as quickly as possible as it becomes more damaging for those involved by the moment." The e-mail got in our spam box on January 17, 2 days after the article was published.

Today we retrieved the voice message Steinberg left on January 23. "The information is now all over Costa Rica Newspapers, who picture me as "FBI Most Wanted"." Steinberg said in his message.

The Costa Rica Newspaper Al Dia eventually published an article on Steinberg on January 22. (Click here to read the article from Al Dia)

"Thanks to that [BETonSPORTS] vendors and ex employees now think I'm the one who stiffed them." Steinberg added. "Your article slandered me."

Steinberg was the original founder of Millennium Sports, which he later sold to BETonSPORTS plc of which he became shareholder. "I own a considerable amount of stock in that company [BETonSPORTS], which is perfectly legal to do, since it's a publicly offered company on the British Stock Exchange." Steinberg publicly stated on November 15 2005.

"I want to tell you that we have filed a claim....with an International Court against you today....I'll see you around...."Steinberg concluded.

Ironically enough the now fugitive Steinberg publicly threatened to report the owner of EOG to the Department of Justice not too long ago. "I'm sure you're aware of the fact that the DOJ frowns on US citizens who perpetuate offshore sports books, especially those who reside on North American soil." Steinberg told Ken Weitzner aka The Shrink of EOG.

"Yes, we all have little skeletons in our closets, don't we? I'm really sick of your shit, and you know what? .it's about time I found some ways to shut your fucking mouth once and for all." Steinberg warned The Shrink.

Steinberg used to be a tout years ago when he ran Stormin' Norman's Lockline.

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