MLB - May 8, 2008

May 8th, 2008

MLB 2008
Bankroll: $8065 -19.35%
Yesterday: +$978

Record: 139-166 -22.10 units
Yesterday: 9-2 +7.30 units

Straights: -$2210

Parlays: 3-89 +$275
(Apr2 5-teamer $5 wins $263)
(Apr8 4-teamer $5 wins $97)
(May7 6-teamer $5 wins $255)

Wednesday proved the best day of the season for me thus far and went a long way to letting me know things can go well and to not be discouraged by an ugly start to the season. The bankroll increased by a total of $978 on Wednesday as the plays went for a very nice 9-2 mark. Aiding the situation was a 6-team parlay hit on the NL plays which included Cincinnati, the Mets, Florida, Atlanta, Colorado, and Philadelphia. That 6 team ticket paid $255 on a five dollar bet and was my first parlay hit in nearly a month.

The obvious question is whether the results of Wednesday were an anomoly or were they an indication of what the near future might hold.....certainly that is the million dollar question. I would like to think I can go on a nice run after a big winning day, but the prove will be in the results. Certainly will be full steam ahead now....

For the Thursday free play, I am going to back the Diamondbacks to win tonight with their ace Brandon Webb on the mound. The price is on the edge of being too high, but it actually is not high enough considering the percentages being presented. After the Phillies took care of business last night against Owings, I see the Diamondbacks responding with a win in the game today.

Arizona Webb -142(TheGreek)
142 to win 110

GOOD LUCK to everyone with their action today


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