NBA 2013-14

Huge card for me before another trip
5*Townson ML +120 and +2
5*Tennessee Tech ML +105 and +1.5
5*Nebraska -5
5*Arkansas St -7
5*N.Colorado -1
5*Duke-1 hook
5*Heat +3 and ML +130 bank it
Great nite so far even better for me with all the bets I didn't post.My Rockets, my best bet is the last play in 8 team parlay that I bet, pays over 200-1Come on they are so cold now!Lets fucking go!!!
Last nite 12-4-1 so close for me to hit that parlay.3 seconds.I didn't even hedge it was to late.if not for few late baskets this would be even better nite.See you guys in March.
5*Cavs +9
5*Knicks -3
5*Spurs -1 hook
5*Florida G C +2 hook
5*UMass -1
10*Arkansas St-2
10*Boise St -3
5*Kansas St-2
5*Over 136.5 Michigan
5*Over 151.5 Youngstown St
5*Pepperdine -5
5* Texas A&M-1.5
5*Youngstown St -4
5*Rockets over 215
5*Portland over 216 I bet this one at better number but posting current line
5*Kings +5 hook Good Luck

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