NFL Preseason 2013

Thank guys! Good luck to both of u!Bum my bro we will murder the Man this year I promise u!!!It will be a season to remember!LETS GO!!!
3* Fish 1 half -3
3*Rams +4
Just got a call from my boy Vinnie! True wiseguys move take the Patriots +3.5 tonite and ML 10* on both bets.Can't believe I'm betting this much money on NFLX,I think I'm addicted LMAO
Bum my brother this is nice info,I know few of those guys myself and I was told they bet 6 figures on this game!Fucking preseason bro,but I won't question them and I will follow!Good luck everybody here,don't over bet one single game if u can't afford to lose it!!!
Lmao I will post this here cause I can't believe I'm getting more views than u!!! U r the anchor here on this web side for years ,just keep it up bro,much respect from me always!!!Fuck losers and non believers!!,

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