Oaks/Kentucky Derby 2014

$500 WP Ria Antonia
$200 ex box Ria Antonia My Miss Sophia and Untapable
$50 trifecta box

$200 DD Oaks/Kentucky Derby
Ria Antonia and My Miss Sophia with
Danza California Chrome General A Rod Dance With Fate Medal Count Intense Holliday and Wicked Strong

I would be shocked if different horse and not one of those seven animals wins the Derby!
My to top picks are Dance With Fate and Danza.Still can't believe that Danza was better then 41-1 in his last and winning effort. I should be able to post all my bets for tomorrow if not box all 7 in exotic bets,pricey but the rewards could be huge!!!Good luck$$$
Hit the exacta but lost my doubles so -2720
I will be Dancing With Fate tomorrow, I hope he will be over 20-1 now is 26-1 but this means nothing,California Chrome is 17-1 now and Chitu 1-1 Chalk lmao!!!
One more player here is Samratt. I don't know yet who I am betting WPS I may bet two horses but I like Medal Count more and more so for me it will be huge ex,tri and super box with 4/5/12/14 for sure. I will try to post my final picks before I go to the Casino. I hope I can help with big fat winning ticket.
2000WPS #12 Dance With Fate
I will play smaller WPS with either #14 Medal Count,Danza or Intence Holliday. I will mess around with all exotic bets with all my selections that I mention above. I am hoping to break the bank in Milwaukee Casino.Good luck and lets have some fun and racing luck!!!
#17 killed all my tickets,instead of me killing absolutely the worst casino I ever been in (everybody smoked like crazy,huge betting lines and overall experience was just brutal) I got killed lmao!!!Lost almost 26K and that was after winning 3.500 on the Black Jack table! all my horses where there first,third,fourth,fifth,sixth,seven and eighth.Many exotic bets went down the drain.Got beat by a donkey from17 spot. Like I said need some luck and Danza didn't get any,still great performance.
Need to watch some replays.Preakness is next!!!