SEC Plays week # 4

Guys had a rough week last week going 1-4 , the only thing positive about it was we hit our 10* play to go 3-0 on the year for 10* plays but overall i am 7-9 on the year. Oh i almost forgot there was one more POSITIVE last week the TIDE won.

10* S. Carolina +17'
Spurrier get 2 tds plus, yeah i know it is in the swamp against the best team in the NATION. But LSU does have a few injuries and it is a day game on NATIONAL tv, I just feel like S Carolina's defense will keep this one close (10 points) and Spurrier will figure out a way to mustard up some points. And if anybody can pull off the upset its SPURRIER he has no fear.

Look for Auburn's offense to get healthy against a weak N mexico state defense. And also Mumme is going to put some points on the board, plus you have the Brandon Cox factor he will throw int for a td if he plays which word is he will start and throw 2 ints before putting in Burns kid and he will get the auburn offense on track.
Auburn 42
Nm st 24

9* Bama - 3 -115
I feel like here the tide offense is alittle further ahead of ga's, and the momentum factor going in the TIDES favor. I think Saban will have the Defense back on track after getting run all over by Mcfadden. The biggest thing here today is i think u will see the tide offense try to use more clock and sustained drives to keep the defense off the field, the one glaring weakness the tide has is no depth on the front 7 and i think we all seen that last week as Arkansas mounted a great comeback.

Bama 24
Ga 10

7* Arkansas -7
Ok GUYS u tell meif VEGAS is not trying to lure everyone in on Ky, they are coming off beating the # 11 team in the nation and turn around and play a team that just fell from the ranks of the unbeaten and there catching 7. I think they actually know what they are doing if u look closely at the numbers Ky rush defense is weak allow 4yds a carry, and u put that run defnse (if that is what they call it) against the best RB in football and u got a reciepe for disaster, not too mention a viable no# 2 option in Jones. I think Arkansas is better than they showed last week on defense and will find a way to slow down woodson and the ky offense, look for Mcfadden to add to his heisman leading numbers today witha huge game.

Arkansas 38
Kentucky 24

6* Ole miss +23'

6* UL Lafayette +9' (look for a letdown from troy today)

good luck all and all lines were from betjam.

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