SEC Plays YTD 1-0-1


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It is finally here guys the long awaited return of our beloved Football. Good Luck to all.

9* Ole Miss -2.5
The one thing Ole miss has going for them is they defend the run decent, and looking at this memphis team i dont know that they can throw the ball. I like the new Qb at Ole Miss he played well in spots last year and had the best unknown Rb in the SEC if not the nation. Ole miss is hungry to start the season off with a win and get this momentum rolling. Look for ole miss to control the game up front and should walk out of memphis with a 12 -15 point win.

Ole Miss 24
Memphis 7

8* Tennessee +7
Guys say what you want about the revenge factor here the bottom line is year in year out the SEC IS THE BEST. Last year tenn demolished Cal and after that cal went on a run and looked unbeatable to they met the trojans. And based on that and some returning players everybody has CAL in the top 10, well i got news for you the talent level at Tenn is as good if not better. Another year with Cutcliff running the offense i look for big things in Knoxville. tENN OUTRIGHT.

Tenn 27
Cal 17

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