SEC Week # 3

Had a decent week last week going 3-2 with a 10* winner.
10* Bama -3 W
8* S. Carolina +4 W
8* Va tech +12 L
7* Ole Miss Over 54' W
7* Auburn -6 L

So her we go this week with some big matchups in the SEC when was the last Vandy (yes VANDY) WAS FAvored by a TD over an SEC confernce foe? U got FAT Phil going to the swamp, U got Houston go to t-town and (yes his personal sideline reporter has a media pass LOL she is gorgeous) oh i almost forgot bama media told her no texting today. And what might be the biggest game is Louisville at Kentucky dang didnt think i would ever say that.

10* Kentucky +6
These 2 teams are evenly matched on the offenseive side of the ball i know brohm gets all the kudos but folks the woodson kid is special reminds me of donovan mcnabb in many ways. I look for kentuckys defense to be the difference here.

9* Auburn -12'
I know here is go again putting my money on TUBBY. I just think there defense will shut down a very potent Miss State offense (hehehe) actually i think state defense might have a better chance scoring with cox at Qb. Really i think borges will have the auburn offense worked out by gametime today they have struggled 2 weeks in a row and that is unlike auburn under his tenure as OC on the plains. Plus Croom and state are the WORST team in the Sec.

8* Tenn +8
I just like Ainge in this spot. Fla is yet to be tested, and look back at their games last yr most went down to the wire in the conference.

7* Bama under 47'
I look for a good defensive battle here. I really believe it is going to be a fg game either way so if u can get Ark +4 Prob not a bad bet this game has traditionally been close in t-town going down to the wire.

7* Ole Miss +7
Wow Vandy giving up 7 in conference with a hurt QB no less, i actually thought this line would be 2' to 4 with nickerson hurting. good luck everybody and a couple outside the SEC TO look at

7* Fresno +16

7* Texas Tech over 65

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