Sec Week 5

Had a decent week last week squeking out our 4 th straight 10* S Carolina+ 17' went 3-2 overall in SEC to move the record in conference to 10-11 with just a little profit not enough to matter. Today we got to the swamp for our 10* pick.

10* Auburn +17'
I have several opinions here on this one, but 1st off if the SEC is so damn good top to bottom then nobody with talent Auburn has should be a 17 dog. I know Fla is playing some great ball and yes they beat tenn like a drum, but tenn try to get in a track meet with and couldnt keep up the pace. My feelings here is Auburn will try their best to shorten the game and let the defense keep up in it. I know you dont here this much from a bama fan but tubby is a helluva coach and i dont doubt he will have his troops ready to play. Auburn has had its ups and downs on offense and moreso downs with cox at qb, but it goes back not to having a experienced rb back their to take the pressure off of cox and keep him from having to win the game for them he use to just not losing it, if auburn can somehow get a running game going today they could leave the swamp with the WIN.

Fla 24
Auburn 17

9* Bama under 44
Fla st has no offense whatsoever, and JPw has struggled at the qb for us off and on all year, listening to saban this week i think you will see bama set the tone early running behind big andre smith and run run run. I look for bama to control the line of scrimmage here and it sould be an old fashioned hard nose football game 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

Bama 17

7* Miss St. +14 -115

S Carolina is starting rshirt frosh Smelly at QB and say what you want it is not easy in the SEC in your 1st start at qb, the one thing state can do is play alittle defense and i look for them to come after smelly early and often. In the end it will be spurrier making the adjustments.

S Carolina 21
Miss ST 13

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